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Guided Reading Strategies 2-Questions

I'm not sure where I got this list of questions.  I forgot to add the website.

Questions Teachers may ask to assist their students in using the strategies good readers use…  These are the strategies the authors of Mosaic of Thought suggest good readers use!

Uses schema

- When you read that story, did it remind you of anything you know about?
- Why did it remind you of that event?
- If it did remind you of something in your life, did it remind you of any experiences or things that have happened?
- Are there things you know about or things in your life that help you to understand this book?
- How does that help?


- Can you predict what is going to happen?
- Why did you make that prediction?
- Can you identify something in the book that helped you to make that prediction?
- What did the author mean by ____?
- What in the story helped you know that?

Asks questions

- What did you wonder about (or question) while you were reading this story?
- What questions do you have about this book now?

Determines what is important in text

- Did you have any problems while you were reading this story?
- What could you do to solve the problem?
- When you are reading other stories, what kinds of problems do you have?
- What are all the ways you solve the problems?

Visualizes and creates mental images while reading

- When you were reading this, did you make any pictures in your head?
- Tell me everything you can about that picture or image you made while you were reading just now.
- Do the pictures that you just told me about help you to understand the story?
- How?


- If you were to tell another person about the story you just read, and you could only use a few sentences, what would you tell them?
- Think about what you have just said about the story.
- What do you understand now that you didn’t understand before?

Joanne Griffin