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AP Chemistry
AP Chemistry
» AP Chemistry Lab
» AP Chemistry General Info and Resources
» Unit 1: Safety, Nomenclature, Chemical Reactions (basics), & Quantifying Matter
» Unit 2: Chemical Bonding
» Unit 3: Aqueous Solutions and Chemical Reactions
» Unit 4: Thermodynamics
» Unit 5: Equilibrium
» Unit 6: Gases
» Unit 7: Electrochemistry
» Unit 8: Intermolecular Forces
» Unit 9: Solutions
» Unit 10: Acids and Bases
» Unit 11: Kinetics
» Unit 12: Nuclear
» Unit 13: Organic
» AP CHEM 12-13 ONLY--password required
My Resources
My Resources
AP Chemistry » AP Chemistry Lab

AP Chemistry Lab AP Chemistry Lab
NOTE: While the AP College Board has assigned numbers to the recommended 22 labs, these numbers are only to track the labs and are not meant to determine sequence.  We are doing the AP labs in a sequence that corresponds to our particular AP course.  For example, after doing AP Lab #2 we are next doing AP Lab #16.  Your lab notebooks should contain the actual title of the lab, not the AP number (EX: Gravimetric Analysis of a Metal Carbonate vs Lab 16).

GRAPH PAPER: When a lab requires a drawn graph (such as AP labs 8 and 9), graph paper can be taped onto a page in the lab notebook.  It is also acceptable to use a graph-generating program (such as Excel), print a hard copy, then tape into the notebook.  Graph paper of any size grid can be printed from the website Free Online Graph Paper (link is below or just google "printable graph paper")

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