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Mrs. Stephanie G. Lavarias, M.Ed., NBCT Mrs. Stephanie G. Lavarias, M.Ed., NBCT
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Cause: happens first

The reason, or motive, for an action; why something happens.

It was raining…

Effect:  happens after a cause

The result, or consequence, of an action.

…so I got wet.

Cause and Effect SIGNAL Words:
Sometimes an author will tell you the EFFECT and will tell you what CAUSED it.  Think LOGICALLY... which happened first? That is the CAUSE.

Led to B...
Cause  Led to Effect



The reason for        

   On account of         

Bring about              

Give rise to              

Created by               

C Contributed to         

Led to                      

Due to                     



As a result  



For this reason






NOW it is YOUR turn...

Cause and Effect Activity 1:

Cause and Effect Activity 2:  "If...then" Statements

Cause and Effect Activity 3: "How Did that Happen?"

"Gorillas in Crisis" Cause and Effect...

1. See Related Files at the bottom of this page to open the GORILLAS in CRISIS Story... Open it...Read it!

More Links:

2. Great Apes and Other Primates
    read "Past/Present/Future" toward the bottom..

3. Gorilla Conservation (Congo Gorilla Forest)
    read from the 3rd paragraph until the end

4. Save a Gorilla (Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund)

    read the WHOLE story

Complete one CAUSE and EFFECT Chart or Chain (see 4th row)  from this interactive graphic organizer website.  Fill in on your computer.  PRINT and Turn in to me by FRIDAY, February 22, 2008. (Date has been extended)

NEXT on your TO DO LIST:

    See the subpage under Cause and Effect.

    Click on
"Endangered Species Project"
       all the information is there for you!

More activities and assignments:

Complete this activity by Thursday, February 14.
Online Diamante for Cause and Effect

CAUSE AND EFFECT QUIZ:  to be added soon...

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